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An essay on business ethics, presuppositions of the game theory. Speaks of Solomon's ideas

Soloman believes that as the game theory gets more sophisticated, we tend to drop away sight of the fuss rather than solve it. He sees the problem as how to get people to think about argumentation and about themselves in an Aristotelian rather than a neo-Hobbesian (or horizontal a Rawlsian) way, which the game theoretical models simply presuppose.

Soloman discusses seven presuppositions in the first section of his Ethics & Excellence book. They are: rationality and attention; motivation and self-interest; m angiotensin-converting enzymey and measurement; the anomaly of altruism; good and goals; the open-ended playing field; and the manipulation of the rules. Soloman rejects each presupposition and gives his reasons why.

This probe will discuss cardinal of these presuppositions and either equate or disagree with Soloman and then give reasons as to why. The two presuppositions that will be discussed are gold and measurement and the role of the rules.

Money and Measurement

In short letter, as in most games, we like to keep score. As one of Solomans businessman friends told him in business you always know how tumesce you are doing. You just have to put your hand in your pocket. People often think the more money one has, the happier they are. You often hear people say if I single had more money, I would be happy. Frequently the perceived train of success is compared to the size of ones bank account, the location of their house or the amount of cars in the driveway. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

People seem to perceive money as being happiness.

Soloman says that keeping score, although it is not an essential device characteristic of games, seems to be one of the most durable features of game theory. He thinks that the best way to keep score is to have a dependable point system, a definite unit of worth, which...

even though i dont know who this soloman person is it doesnt hide that fact that this essay was written well and goes into great detail about the ehtnics of business and the thoeries

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