Monday, April 1, 2013

Formation of islam

The Formation of Islamic Civilization

-islamic prayer leader the wiz who stands in front to lead the ritual prayer

-rightly guided one

people of the books:
-people who were non-muslims living in the Muslim Empire
-required to pay tax for each person
-Muslims were tolerant of them.

-double truth-scientific vs. religious

-person who calls worshipers to prayer

-almsgiving (one of the five pillars of Islam)
-2.5% amount a muslim should give to charity/ course of instruction

-flight from Makkah to Medina
-mohammad is invited to come to median value to settle disputes
-After his followers atomic number 18 safely on their way, the Quayresh are trying to get Mohammad and Abu Bakr
-Mohammad and Abu Bakr are the last to leave
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-The Quayresh doesnt see him and they are free and arrive at Medina
-622-becomes year 1 in the Islamic calendar

Dome of the Rock:
-place where Mohammud ascended into heaven
-western architecture
-geometric forms and designs

-religious center
-visited yearly for religious festival, polytheistic traditions
-Kaaba located there, black stone straightforward monument, leave offerings
-family that controlled it was the Quaraysh
-made lots of $ from tourism

-Submission to god
-second largest religion
-Islam is the most equalitarian religion
-conversion is easy
-no ceremonious hierarchy
-prayer, everybody stops to pray
-Islam is a unifying religion
-five pillars: faith, prayer, almsgiving, fasting, pilgrimage to Mecca
-faith (shahada)- except need to tell a muslim that youre Muslim
-prayer (salat)- fri mean solar day is public day of worship
-almsgiving (zakat)- 2.5% amount a muslim should give to charity/year
-fasting (siyam)- self discipline, sense of understanding less fortunate
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