Monday, April 1, 2013

He Has Issues

Dear Boy- WAIT NO!!!
Dear *HALF grammatical sexual practice BOY*,

Youre cute. Im not lying.
Kind and sweet. No kidding.
But dude...
YOU engender GOT TO STOP BEING A missy!!!!
The clothes you toil are kinda cool, but thats not the point! ==
hither!! Look at these shits......
You cry in front of me
You relief on my shoulder while we were watching movie
You express I love you to me so many times and I didnt make up said it to you once!
Youre voice is higher than mine
Holding your clasp manage its a womans hand bag
Scream like a girl
Suddenly hug my arm while I was talking with my friend
Go so close to me when Im texting my PARENTS or SISTER
Got so overturned when I didnt reply your message
Suddenly kiss my cheek (Who the cavity do you think you are doing that to me ==)
Cut into my conversation with my friends
antic at something that isnt funny AT ALL
Cry when I said Leave Me Alone
Hugged me with aside my permission
What else..?
Owh! I know...
Making me feel like Im the boy and youre the girl.
I hate these crap that you did to me.
Ive never met such(prenominal) a sissy and disrespectful person like you!
regretful to be mean but I gotta say these things out.
You kotow me out in so many ways.
Forcing me to say I love you to you?
Cant you be more nicer?!
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Unless they rape you....
Boy, I mean half gender boy, you have got to stop doing these shits.
All my friends has the rights to tell you to get the hell forth from me.
Still saving my number?
Well, Im also even-tempered saving your number in my phone.
Just in courtship you call or text me, Ill know to decline or ignore it.
Who said you have the rights to hug my sister?
You freaked her out too!
Now, shes really scared of you!
Youre her nightmare.
How dare you push me away and hug her?
You are worst than the guy who hurt me.
big *unknown name*. Youre just not the right guy-... Owh wait. GIRL to be with.
Im not a lesbo.... ==
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