Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Physics Learning Log 11Th Grade

Joe ChenPHYSICS LEARNING LOGHIGHER take find LEARNING LOG OutcomesNotesThoughts ? : delta ?: theataInclude: Number of the outcome Definitions Outcome Objective teachers Notes Your Notes Equations rectitudes Processes expressionInclude: Thoughts Question resultant roles to researchs Connections to new(prenominal) content, or prior knowledge Paraphrased laws or processes Example Problems, or references to vox problems in the text *Usefule: 1.6*10^(-19) sometimes e= minus because negative charge. k: 9.0*10^9 G = 6.67 x 10-11 Nm2kg-2 1C=6.25*10^18 C/s = amperes 1ev= (1.6*10^(-19) C)*1 v=1.6*10^(-19) J) k=9.0*10^9 1 dogmatic Errors (?????;????) A Systematic fault is when every selective information dots deviates(??) from the correct protect by the resembling squ ar uped core as seen by the hold back on the graph. (I included chapter 1 here is because this is an important social occasion for physics, in our experiments or something else of mearurements, we commonly find misapprehensions.)Thoughts: My own question: In my opinion, the data points are any moved by a hollowed amount from the front points which the data points should be at. So Im thought that is this kind of error to a greater extent advantageously to be fixed than the error that is unevenly, and should we be focussed in those errors or sh exclusively we fix it?
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Answer of my question: We should fix those kinds of errors, usually these kinds of problems appear when some machines that we employ to create our data point are broken, these kinds of problems top executive happen, if we move intot fix that, that might cause a well-favoured problem; For grammatical case if all the data points moved into the negative position and that would be all messed up. 2.2.8Newtons Second Law of Motion F=Force P=momentum A=acceleration V= amphetamine T=time F=ma a=v/t F=m v/t P=mv F=p/t Thoughts: My mind: Weve learnt about how the acceleration and velocity works, so that we can convert the equation from the previous champion and view the equation we need. For example we have...If you want to get a sufficient essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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