Monday, September 16, 2013

Water vs Baby Oil

Steven Young Mr. Greytak Block 4 17 September 2012 appellation: Water vs. coddle anoint Objective: In this lab, the cultivation that is trying to be set is the compactness of pee compared to ball up cover. Procedure: We started out by pour pissing in a gradational cylinder and finding the volume. Next, we measured the lading on a overcome in grams. The baby anele was found by pouring it in a graduated cylinder to find the volume. Finally, we stuck it on the scale to find the weight. info Table: Baby Oil| Volume (mL)| Mass (grams)| 20| 17.26| 13| 11.61| 10| 9.02| 9| 8.2| 8| 7.55| 7| 6.61| 5| 4.59| | 3.86| Water| Volume(mL)| Mass(grams| 20| 18.92| 13| 13.24| 10| 9.79| 9| 8.9| 8| 7.42| 7| 6.8| 5| 4.83| 3| 4.31| Data Analysis: The closeness of the irrigate is 1.15 g/mL³. The density of the baby anele is .86 g/mL³. The archetype density of water is 1.0 g/mL³. The standard density of baby crude is .87 g/ml ³. The fault in my computations for water was .15 g/mL³, and my error in calculations for baby embrocate was .01 g/mL³. The percent error of my calculation for water was .15%, and the percent error for my calculation of the baby oil was .01%. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Conclusion: My conclusion on this was that baby oil and water start out almost the same densities. My densities for water and baby oil were not false that much from the actual value. The error of some(prenominal) was not more than 2g/mL³. The percent error shows that I was accurate on my answers for the densities of each. My blood line for finding the density of both water a nd baby oil was! record.asp?subkey=6097. An advancement for the lab could have been a water dispenser that pours out the minute amount water and baby oil that you want to use, so you would be sure to have no variation in the amount used. An error that could have been make was their being water or baby oil leftover on the scale, and that could have altered the weight of each.If you want to redeem a sufficient essay, order it on our website:

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