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Both fossils - human beings erectus and gay habilis - were discovered in Kenya go almost Lake Turkana . Actually , these fossils are claimed to change scientific views of brio and ontogenesis of Homo sapiens . Homo erectus is date at about 1 .55 one thousand thousand years and the fossil is faceless . H . erectus was in all likelihood to suffer from twisting and only minor postmodernism damage . Anthropologists assume that H . erectus is a young crowing with oviform calvia as a extend of sloping frontal . In posterior view the fossil is heptangular with greatest breadth and in superior view it is in tear-drop construct . Homo habilis is dated at 1 .44 million years and this fossil is likely to be the youngest among other fossils of this money The fossil includes the parts of palatine and zygomatic processes . The nasal sill is a lot missing , and palatine processes point the midline . Cusp word structure isn t absent . The molar shape of the fossil is rectangular . Scientists argued that two fossils seemed to live in the aforesaid(prenominal) areas as chimpanzees and gorillasAnthropologists were surprised having revealed that H . erectus and H habilis were likely to defend been contemporaries . Actually , the phylogeny of Homo sapiens was viewed as a linear progression starting signal from H habilis and deprivation to H . erectus , and finally to modern gentleman . That breakthrough of H . erectus skull changed the ideas about the evolution of modern human beings . The size of H . erectus skulls was too small to belong to a young adult but it was truth . Earlier anthropologies ruling that H erectus skull was larger than they imagined . It was inferred that H erectus males were bigger than females . Anthropologies assumed that H erectus was homogeneous to H . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
sapiens as life style and automobile trunk shape were similar . The new discovery showed that H . erectus lifestyle was similar to that of gorillas , where males were prevailing with a harem of females Such discovery appeared a veritable surprise for scientists as they had to re-shape their ideas about evolution . So , H . erectus is less likely to be a descendant of H . habilis as it was believed earlierReferencesHopkin , Michael (2007 , August 8 . Homo Erectus Had an Unexpected neighbour , And a Surprising Lifestyle besides . Retrieved November 20 , 2007 from HYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol /www .nature .com / parole /2007 /070806 / sufficient /news070806-5 .html http /www .nature .com /news /2007 /070806 /full /news070806-5 .htmlSpoor , F , Leakey , M .G , Gathogo ,.N , brownness , F .H , Anton , S .C McDougall , I , Kiarie , C , Manthi , F .K Leakey , L .N (2007 , August 9 . Implications of New Early Homo fossils from Ileret , easternmost of Lake Tukana , Kenya . Nature , 448 , 688-692PAGEPAGE 1...If you necessitate to get a full essay, come out it on our website:

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