Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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learning and technoloGy2007 Science and TechnologyIntroductionThe development of first reck unrivaledr , ENIAC , which stands for electronic mathematical Integrator and Computer , in 1943 , became the cornerstone in the solid ground of computing . The computer system that occupies one-room size has the electrical psychological ability to solve sev sequencel computing problemsFortunately , engineers have invented several innovations that castigate to the advancement in computer engineering science that increases the speed of dispense tasks in Giga and even Tera bits per second range and the storage efficiency in terabyteThe attractive might that computer can dissever out to customers has driven users to take advantages of the advancement by growing many a(prenominal) applications and value added services that run by th e immediate computer technology . One application in the digital era that attracts attention is the finesse of raw digital harmony data dress . The so-called MP3 , often refers to MPEG-1 Audio mould 3 , is an auditory sensation convert format that void the size from tens of megabyte (when utilise WAV or compact magnetic disc format ) into less than 5 Megabyte (MB ) in MP3 format for one same songImmediately , the invention of new audio encoding format increases the sales of movable digital music players similar iPod . Coupled with the increased planetary internet bandwidth , the exchange of MP3 s rises probatoryly . A twist of websites that enable users or music lovers to download the desired songs in MP3 format also risesDespite the attractiveness of MP3 technology for audio , MP4 , and MPEG for motion-picture show , the technologies causes severe violation of copyright as downloading music and tv set without paying royalties to the owners /singers of the music is considered as piracy in digital world /do! mainsConcerning the issue , this lead discuss active science and technology . In limited , it will elaborate the hostility about sharing of music s through the meshwork .
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In addition , it will also discuss about science , technology , and the initiation of controversial scientific / adept issues in popular halees (popular presses embarrass newss , magazines , etc , as well as in Scholarly faculty member literature (i .e . journal articles , university press books , book chapters , etcUsers and the Shape of invigorated TechnologiesIn the era where customers become to a greater extent demanding and the sum u p of rivals or competitors continues rising , the product s development is no semipermanent technology-driven but customers-driven . The situation suggests that currently , customers play significant type in determining the shape of new products /technologies . In other(a) words , social and cultural factors of consumers become potent factors in product developmentThe invention of Walkman , a portable digital melodic player , a few decades ago is one notable example of the cultural factors that shape the invention of new technologies or products . At that time , in 1979 , R D plane section at Sony suggested that handheld music gadgets have no capability to generate revenue based on the merchandise research that they carried out to obtain information of the demands for portable music playerHowever , the marketing research is carried out in limited compass , the Nipponese customers who are unlikely to enjoy music sequence base on balls or running...If you want to get a te eming essay, smart set it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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