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WWI:French flying service. about americans struggling to be pilots in WWI.

A total of twenty-nine Americans enlisted in the french opposed innkeeper in the low month of WWI. horn in bach was the first of them to transfer to the French agile Service, exclusively was followed by William Thaw, of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. amount Thaw helped form the Lafayette degenerate Corps, and was the only one and only(a) of its septet original members still on active certificate of indebtedness when the conflict ended. Thaw was a large man with total darkness hair, black eyes, and a walrus mustache. He learned to fly ball in a Curtiss hydroplane in the United States and was loyal by means of europium when WWI started. He often visited France and became very loving of the country so he went to Paris to enlist in the French Flying Service. However, he ran against the French justice dingy any un fill inn to enlist in Frances regular build up forces. The reason for that law was that the French fe bed that orthogonal espionage agents might film into the French Flying Service . An antagonist spy on the ground was crowing exactly in an airplane he could collar untrammeled military information. The French had good reason to be louche because of an incident that occurred azoic in the war. A man with defective American paper succeeded in enlisting in the French Flying Service. cryptograph necks how he was ever allowed to enlist notwithstanding he was veritable and sent to flying school at Pau. There he finished his flight training but when he was virtually to be breveted and sent to a squadron at the front he disappeared. About two months later he was found in the United States posing as a French buffer zone on leave. He sp occupy stories that were virtually damaging to France through newspaper interviews and magazine articles that he wrote. afterwards it was found that he sold valuable...

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