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Artical Summary

Article Summary (Chinese freshly Year Celebration interrupt I : Article SummaryThe term presents the picture of the Chinese natural Year jubilancy as it is tranlsated into the States with the Chinese-the Statesn residential district and how it is passed on from the adults to the younger generations in their various(prenominal) familiesIt gives a picture of how the Chinese community and their culture and customs aims to be organized and survive in America , take leaveicularly in Washington , by running(a) to discombobulateher on making the infamous Chinatown a succeeder . Chinese traffic men and women work on their respective companies to open the Chinese culture and traditions to former(a) people move into Chinatown shows bilingual signs that wel musters every adept to this atomic physique 18a . The Chinese new(a)lyl y twelvemonth festivity has been sponsored for many course of studys by the Chinese Consolidated likeable Association (CCBA . The Chinese new year celebration has constantly been a way for family members to come together , celebrate and parcel turn up as one their dark and naughty traditions . Preparation for the new lunar year is by killing the house to behave it of negative liven up . modernistic year is marked by chevy deeds , a colorful parade with the dragon dance as its main affection and a traditionalistic dinner party with solely family membersThe member also gives and account of the achievements of the Chinese community in terms of being an independent community and body with a definite culture and traditions . Their plans for the development of Chinatown is also mentioned e .g . place up the China Community Cultural Center as part of the Gallery Place , the establishment of more Chinese own restaurants and business centralisesPart II : Important Points Made by the AuthorThe beginning particular! ly points to the resilience of the Chinese culture to be translated into the America society . The author details the colorful and rich tradition of the Chinese culture in their almost touristed and most well-attended celebration , the Chinese new year .
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save , the article points out to how the family dynamics is the more important and is actually the center of the celebrationPart III : Important New Vocabulary or TerminologyChinese New Year : The Chinese new year is a celebration of the new lunar year . It begins with the second new moon on after the winter solstice . The celebration lasts for 15 geezerhood an d ends with the profuse moon . Even before the new year comes , the Chinese have their traditional general house cleaning that serves to pardon the home of negative energies . Sweeping is not allowed as honest fortune may also be move out . New year day itself is welcomed by firecrackers and fire works . Again , this is aimed at clearing negative energies and attracting good energies into their homes . Family members be gathered together on this day for a family dinner consisting mainly of traditional fish and chicken dinner besides , this being a time for feasting , other traditional Chinese food are also served much(prenominal) as dumplings , raw vegetable and fish salad , as well as mandarin oranges and prosperity cakes . Children and unmarried family members are alsotraditionally given...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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