Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dimensions Of Culture ,values And Communication

RUNNING HEAD : NormsMy American culture , but non my devotionauthorcourseinstructordateMy American culture , but not my religionHolding the values and beliefs of a religion another(prenominal) than Christianity often makes whizz wonder if they take a dogshit broken the norms of American society . A norm , as defined by Miller (2002 , is a gener entirelyy agree upon bar of how people should be assume , usu completelyy unwritten and knowing unconsciously spell umteen a(prenominal) Americans usage Christian beliefs , whizz of the benefits of living in a free nation happens when all religious br denominations can place their faith in peace , regardless of the majority preference . The list of Christian denominations includes Catholics , Protestants , Baptists , Episcopalians , Lutherans , Anglicans Eastern Orthodox , Met hodist , Presbyterian and many others . Being an respective(prenominal) who reads of , and practices , many religions both old and unused in the mankind I do not follow Christian beliefs . I would quite an define myself as a mystic or perchance even shaman since I have inclinations towards watching the demesne , nature and spirits this is also a common practice among Native AmericansSalvation , or offering oneself up for salve by another being such as deliveryman preponderantly occurs in Christianity . however , I am at betting odds with this idea in my own spiritual practice . My beliefs subscribe in contrast because in my mind separately person has the capability to save themselves , if they would only realize that informal vividness . Of course , going to a Sunday do and notice holidays such as Christmas and Easter are practices that I do not partake in either . However , I do honor the Solstices , which fall surprisingly refinement to many of the Christian h olidaysBeing a mystic in a predominantly Ch! ristian world can make for a solitary but very peaceful existence if you offer it .
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While others scurry around buying gifts during the Christmas rush , I escape to my inherent wares making blankets , canned goods and handcrafted candles along with other natural gifts for those in my family who are Christian . It saddens me at overwinter time to go through everyone complaining about how much the Christmas gifts they have to buy situate out cost them and how they need to spend a great plentitude of care budgeting for their gift expenses . Everyone feels so pressured and race to get to the stores to detect th e perfect gift While the tarry of the world worries external their time , I relax on the sofa watching television and knitting another naked as a jaybird blanket . At this point when I am at odds with not only Christians but a capitalist nation (the dominant culture ) that values real(a) goods , I wonder if I am particularly self-centred for not wanting to deal with the stress and headaches of grumpy customers stand up in line at the storesLuckily though , I am American by birth so although my religion may dissent from the majority , I still blend in rather effortlessly with society . Other groups , such as refreshful immigrants to this country struggle with many obstacles as they fit to their new home . They must learn a...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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