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The American Civil war was fought between the marriage solemnity legions and the federation. The north ward was made up of the Northern states and some Confederate states that did non secede. The Confederacy was made up of the southerly States who seceded from the married couple because they felt that their rights were being taken away and that the federal official regimen was too strong. The Confederacy lost the Civil War because the Union had significant economic advantages, President capital of Nebraska liberated the slaves, and commonplace Lee changed his war strategies. The Union had a smashing measurement of economic advantages over the Confederacy. They had a population of intimately 22.5 one million million million people in the North compared to the 9 million in the South. The Union too held 90% of the whole democracys industry and about 75% of the Nations Railroads. With these advantages the Union would swallow no problem roll up the money it nee ded to go to war. They brocaded this money through with(predicate) taxes, bonds and paper money. Also, with the amount of railroads in the North, the Union would not have trouble transporting supplies and troops to wherever they were needed. These railroads could also be stubborn more easily and quickly than any(prenominal) in the south. President Lincoln unveiled the emancipation resolution on September 17, 1862 by and by the Union victory at Antietam. This emancipated all slaves that were in Confederate states to be invariably free as of January 1, 1863. This did not include any of the butt on states of Tennessee, and parts of lah and Virginia. Lincoln saw this as an advantage to the Union because he saw the slaves as a great asset of specialism to whoever had their service, so Lincoln urgencyed to raise up them on the Unions side. General Robert E. Lee of the Confederacy changed his war system in the middle of the war. Before the war Lee was a well known General in the Union Army. When the war started Lee! got offered to be one of the leading Generals of the Union, but respectfully denied the offer because he was faithful to...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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