Saturday, January 25, 2014

Social Issues

Social & Economic Justice In todays day and age our president and congress face many social and economic justice thins. Everything from employment, wellness carry on, training and lodgment issues continue to plague The fall in States of the States. each(prenominal) of the following issue has played their own part in ways they bugger off affected, oppressed, and denied social and economic justice. even the issue that I whole tone is most self-aggrandizing and needs to be taken manage of the most is wellness manage. For twelvemonths millions of Americans have been denied the access to wellness c be which makes health bring off an ongoing issue among congress and our president. Each twelvemonth millions of Americans impart be denied health care which makes the issue and grow because that will leave millions to a greater extent underinsured, meaning that their insurance will not cover both of their medical damage. Statistics show that the United States ranks 37 th overall in health care worldwide, placing the U.S behind Costa Rica and just forrader of Cuba. Something must be done about the health care issue in America because ones health is vital to ones survival and to be denied of that salutary is outrageous. I believe that all human macrocosms should have outfox even rights, access to resources necessary to survive so they will be able to fulfill their human potentials. Denying a somebody of those rights should be considered breaking the law. The United States of America is the only sophisticated landed estate that does not provide linguistic universal health care nevertheless ranks design one in cost per citizen. For example France, who is some other advanced nation ranks number one in health care because they provide universal health care for their citizens. The United States should take note of France because 69% of all bankruptcies by Americans are in result of them being unable to pay their medical bills. Studies show t hat about all 39 seconds in America one fam! ily files for bankruptcy due(p) to health concerns and every year about 1.5 million families have their homes because theyre...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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