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Question 1 Mini project topic : abstraction to Management Accounting. You are the person in charge of the circumspection accounting department of a manufacturing company. You are required to pick up your junior staff on the essentials of the management accounting in the future(a) areas : (Note: you need to create an illustration to elaborate the following matters). (A) beg off how cost can be classified by their autobus ;with particular reference to the effects both on centre and on whole costs. Your report should: i. Say why its necessary to classify costs by their behavior and ii. Be illustrated by sketch graphs within the body of the report. Answer prima donna high society is a manufacturing company which manufactures shoes.The format to calculate the intact production costs of producing a single product is habituated up as below . Direct Material(+) leather(+) pigment(+) rubber(+) plasticsDirect expenses(+) royaltiesPrime cost(+) manufac turing command processing overhead timesSalaryFactory manager salaryDepreciation of name and machineryFactory powerManufacturing cost(+)Administratioin overheadOffice salariesDepreciation of emplacement equipmentSelling and distribution overheadTravellingAdvertisingWarehouse rent and ratesTotal cost| RMXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX| RMXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX| Diva Company has enter the costs of a particular department do a single product for two consecutive periods. The randomness is given as below. | Production units embodys:Direct materialDirect labourProduction overheadAdministrative overheadSelling and distribution overhead| completion 112000RM3600060000640002100027000| Period 29000RM2700045000580002100024000| Required : A. Analysis the costs fit in to their behavior B. position the total fixed cost and the variant cost per unit for the product. | Period 1| Period 2| Behavior| Cost per unitDirect materialDirect labourProduction overheadsAdministrati ve overheadsSelling and distribution overhea! ds| RM3.005.005.33210002.25|...If you want to get a full essay, rules of order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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