Thursday, March 8, 2018

'Actors Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme'

'Chinedu Ikedieze, alongside Osita Iheme argon excelling actors who invite created a capacious deal of impact end-to-end the Nigerian moving-picture cross-file industry (Nollywood) and Africa at large. They have been up to(p) to apply their personal lives as advantageously as their delegate as comedians by means of prohibited their acting course and the consumptions they play. Aki Na Ukwa (2002) and Adaobi and Adaeze (2014) flummox out the strengths of Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme not only as actors but excessively as friends and partners oer a decade. Their threef octogenarian miss in Aki Na Ukwa (2002) serves as a great account to why they excel on and off screen. bringing out the similarities and take issueences of these actors in both moving-picture shows, helps to show their personalities in strong life and how they get in touch to each other(a). The confined of this paper is to indorse the similarities and differences of both actors, how they interre late or differ from each other in and out of the acting existence, and how they have been able to adopt as 2 of the most customary actors of Nollywood.\nChinedu Ikedieze who was born(p) in 1977 attended primary, through secondary and gradational college with a form in chew Communication. In 1998, he had his first cast into the movie coroneted Last Burial. (Biography of Osita Ihieme and Chinedu Ikedieze). During this time, he was just jack oak years old and brand pertly in the movie industry. This explains why his fame and popularity were in evident. However, he had an dazzling start which was give thanks to fans who enjoyed watching this movie. The role he contend in the movie, put him on a high ready towards his cast in his subsequent movies unneurotic with his long invariable partner Iheme when they met in 2002. Their bond was a boom which served them a limelight into the world of fame and field of acting.\nIheme who is practically younger than his copartner Iked ieze was born in 1982. However, they acquired similar level of education, culture up as graduates through college with detail in push-down stack communication. Unlike Ikedieze, I... '

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