Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New Idea for an Old Brand Essay

As a way to review up the traditional gull and to larn more than exposure, the granddaughter of the Margaux family wanted to begin locoweed marketing a new wine brand. The idea would be to use unlike grapes in order to be more accessible to the younger generation. The target cost range would be 20-25 per nursing bottle (Dessain, 2011).There ar a adult number of young wine drinkers who cannot expend the high prices of the current Gran Vin brand and are in that locationfore not macrocosm attracted to the Chateau de Margaux vineyards. If these consumers were introduced to an affordable brand of wine from the Margaux estate, then they may be more in all probability to recognize and trust the brand. That way, when they are flavour for a more expensive wine, they pull up stakes first go to their label of dread Vin from the Chateau de Margaux collection.General ConcernsSome of the issues with this suggestion are maintaining the exclusivity of the original brand, ensuring t hat consumers still feel move to pay the higher price point, and they leave behind also now need a distributor, marketing team, and an ability to focus on more than one brand of wine. In this particular case, the Margaux business has a close-tie who is rattling familiar with the distributorship and marketing of wine, and therefore this is a solution to one of the issues however there are several of the other issues that go on very pertinent concerns, as we will discuss later on.

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