Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Artwork of Leonardo Da Vinci Essays -- Art History

The Artwork of Leonardo Da Vinci â€Å"Sometimes the heavens endow a single individual with such beauty, grace and abilities that, whatever he does, he leaves all other men far behind, thus demonstrating that his genius is a gift of god and not an acquirement of human art.† (1) Giorgio Vasari. On April 15, 1452, Leonardo Da Vinci was born as an illegitimate child. Even with this setback, he was soon educated and his passion for art began to flourish. Growing up through the years in one of the most important cities in the world at that time, Florence, Leonardo had many different and exciting experiences. Not much information is known about his youth. He created a few paintings in that time, but only a few are still in existence today. One experience he had during this time was in his early 30’s. He was caught committing homosexual acts with a man that posed for him in a painting he had made. Leonardo was tried for this in Milan, but no evidence came through to prove that he was guilty. (2) Now there is evidence still being found about his life, and this experience, that would determine his sexuality. Still he prospered as an artist and his work flourished during his lifetime. Leonardo created many paintings that spurred from his own imagination, but most of them wer e based on events happening in his life. (3) One of his great masterpieces that influenced his life was The Last Supper. This creation is probably one of the two most famous paintings he has done, and one of the few still around today. It is one of his most popular creations, and was attempted at restoration many times. These attempts never fully succeeded, but progress has been made over the years. There is much hassle about the restoration and preservation of... ...nd the subjects in them. The Last Supper, the Mona Lisa, and the Horse for the Duke all told a little bit about his life. His art influenced his life and his life influenced his art. Leonardo created many paintings that spurred from his own imagination, but most of them were based on events happening in his life. He was a great Renaissance man who will be remembered for centuries to come. Bibliography Cianchi, Marco. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Machines. Milan: Becocci Editore, 1984. Cooper, Margaret. The Inventions Of Leonardo Da Vinci. New York: The Mcmillan Company, 1965 Mannering, Douglas. The Art of Leonardo Da Vinci. New York: Excalibur Books, 1981 Santi, Bruno. Leonardo Da Vinci. Italy: Harper & Row Publishers, 1983 Wallace, Robert. The World of Leonardo. New York: Time Incorporated, 1971 Leonardo Da Vinci Museum. http://www.davinci-museum.com/

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