Thursday, September 5, 2019

Olympus Dictation Management System Analysis

Olympus Dictation Management System Analysis Introduction Olympus Dictation Management System is a software which allows the user to transcribe mp3, mp4 or wav files dictated by doctors, lawyers, solicitors etc. The main window looks as follows once the software is running. The developer made the software quite easy and straight forward to use. Title Bar: Displays Windows title bar with the file path. Menu bar Menu used with dictation module Tool bar Three groups of tool bar: Standard, Edit and Send Playback control bar: Plays audio files in the Contents list view, it is similar to the Playback Control screen Device Tree View Devices that are connected will display its folders in the Tree View. Content List View: List of audio and/or document files in the folder selected. Properties View: displays the properties of the file. Clicking the doubled arrow brings up the Properties Panel. Status Bar: Displays the number of contents and the number of selected contents, how files are automatically sent via email or FTP, displays author ID Features of a Playback Control Bar The bar is obtained by clicking (Switch to Playback Control Window) Whilst typing the bar stays on the screen with most important options used. 1. Moves to the previous Index Mark or edge of a verbal comment Rewinds the file, when holding down speeds up rewinding Starts the playback, pressing during the playback stops it Fast forward, holding down speeds up fast forwarding    Moves to the next Index Mark 2. Counter displays current playback time Audio/Instruction Comment Mode Switches between audio playback and Instruction comment playback. It indicates the priority of a file. 3. These options in the tool bar because quite useful while transcribing. The tick is called the Index Mark it can mark certain time on the playback if there is a difficulty making out the word being said, the tick next to it takes off the Index mark when no longer needed. The book icon shows a list of index marks Refresh sign is used when new files are being imported but not seen in the window, refreshes the list making the other files visible. Playback Control Window simply minimalizes the window just to the Control Bar. Not only the software is needed but also the hardware which contains a foot pedal with headphones. [i]The foot pedal is connected to the computer via USB cable along with the headphone set. There are usually three functions on the foot pedal which can be changed at any time through the setting in the software. The pedals can be set to control speed, rewind and play/pause. Word processing offers a spellcheck feature when typing documents. Performing a spell check through, after and before printing the document should be vital to any typists, as well as spellchecking also proofreading produced documents plays a big part using. There are certain words that Word may not catch when running the spellcheck it is important to read your own work before handing it to a doctor, patient or any other person it creates an unprofessional image. [ii] Spell it Rite There are number of online dictionaries / thesauruses which can help spelling of the medical terms and getting to familiarize yourself with the most useful sites are e.g. https://www.merriam-webster.com/ http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/ http://www.medilexicon.com/ https://www.oxforddictionaries.com/ When typing names of drugs the best way of not making up the words is actually checking if they exist and what is the correct name of them in MIMS (Monthly Index Of Medical Specialities) or https://www.drugs.com/ Accurate use of spelling and punctuation in dictated material [i] https://www.olympus-europa.com/site/en/a/audio_systems/professional_dictation/audio_transcription/as_7000/index.html [ii] http://www.fireflydaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Misspelled.jpg

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