Monday, September 16, 2019

Psychology and Research Essay

1. There are various methods in psychological research, both qualitative and quantitative. Among them are field experiment, which is more qualitative and the statistical survey which, as the name suggests, a highly quantitative approach. Field experiment is a scientific method in research approach where the researchers (psychology-related researchers in this case) examine the participants or the data in the real world rather than doing the research in the laboratory, but all the same, the â€Å"field researchers have followed the structured approach†1 in research. Statistical survey, on the other hand is used to gather quantitative information on a given subject or participant in a population. It involves statistical processes in arranging data for them to be useful information to readers. It is worth noting however that a research rarely relies on a single method alone. Oftentimes, it is a combination of two or more methods to make it/the theory or contention stronger and more reliable. 2. With the psychosis studies and experiences of R.D. Lang, a psychoanalyst and a radical psychiatrist, he was able to observe his patients for real or â€Å"on field† when he developed his research regarding the subject (psychosis). It is a condition when an individual lost contact with the real world. Psychosis is best described by broad diagnostic concepts such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, and that these concepts describe brain diseases that are probably inherited. The task of psychology and its related researches on the subject matter aims to identify neuropsychological abnormalities in patients, in the hope that these might provide clues about the aetiology of the presumed brain pathology. Within this method, there is little scope for psychological intervention, as it is assumed that brain diseases are unresponsive to this kind of treatment. Another psychological research is the intelligence test of Binet or the currently evolved Stanford-Binet Scale which is one of the psychologically related tests or research where statistical approach may be applied. This method was developed containing the idea of graded tests series, the concept of intelligence and the conception of the fundamental qualities of an intelligence test. It was originally composed of thirty items in increasing difficulty, with grouped testees either according to age or gender or any other classification that may be applied. 3 This is where the current IQ Tests evolved. 3. When conducting research with human participants, consent and confidentiality4 are the two very important aspects of the study. Consent of the subjects should be obtained first to let them be aware of the entire study and will let them adjust and not to feel deceived. This will also help the researchers and the participants work together in harmony and will facilitate the entire research process. Aside from these, respect is another reason why consent of the participants must be obtained first. Confidentiality, on the other hand, will secure the safety and honor of the subjects/participants and at the same time will protect the reliability and soundness of the research itself. All the ethical concerns mentioned are generally for the respect of human life, as an individual and in order for the psychology profession be respectable as well. No one can respect the profession if in return, it does not know how to value the dignity of humans in the case that the latter be a participant or a subject in a psychology-related research.

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