Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Reasons to Appreciate the Family Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reasons to Appreciate the Family - Essay Example In the beginning of the paper, the author would like to tell about his family. His family is relatively small with only him, his brother, his Mom, and Dad. The author is the eldest child in the family and his baby brother is only 17 years old. The researcher believes that every child should appreciate his or her parents for a lot of reasons. His parents' love had brought him here in this world to enjoy life’s pleasures. The author knows that he can never fully grasp all the toils his mother went through when she carried him in her womb much less the pain that she felt when she finally pushed him out to life. The author tells that he needs not to mention all the nights she stayed up late to take care of him and feed him. She is his best friend and confidante as no one knows all his inner thoughts and emotions. The author doesn’t know what’s in her but she can easily make him open his heart to her and let her know what’s inside it. His mom is really exceptio nal and he admires her so much for her love and courage. Dads are always portrayed as tough, unmovable, and firm yet you’ll be surprised to know that my Dad is different. Though he is tough and unmovable, he made me realized the benefits of his character. His toughness refrains the author from being careless in making decisions and encourages him to be strong. The researcher should also mention that amidst his dad’s firmness, he has a soft heart which enables him to understand his limitations and failures.

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