Friday, September 13, 2019

The Quality of Service and the Determining Factor of the Success Essay - 5

The Quality of Service and the Determining Factor of the Success - Essay Example The quality of service the customer gets is gauged by the relationship between customer expectation and the performance. Each business aims at fully satisfying the customer needs as well as making profits. The transaction between the customer and the company starts right from when the customer enters the shop to when he gets home with the purchased product. Before the customer asks for the commodity, the employee should welcome them, talk to them politely and make them feel appreciated. This first step motivates the customer to buy whatever product they have in mind (Weinstein, 2012). The proper explanation should be given to the customer on any enquiries they make. The service provider should inform the customer of all the advantages of the product and the other substitutes that the company is offering. No matter the kind of questions asked by the customer, the service provider should always understand that the customer is always right (Weinstein, 2012). After the customer has succe ssfully purchased the product, any enquiries he/she makes either on call or in person should be taken seriously and with utmost care. Make the customer feel like you still care about them and the kind of service they are getting from the commodity purchased. The following table analyses the ABX airline and the Everts airline, which are both cargo airlines in the USA. Everts provide quality service but in terms of the image they have to the customers, they are far below the expected standards. Their prices are very high as compared to the quality of service they provide.

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