Monday, October 21, 2019

buy custom Short History of America essay

buy custom Short History of America essay Home protection was advocated for in the US which came as a result of the request of forbidding liquor which led to the considerable irresponsible behaviors in marriage. A more elaborate method of politics and economy-related issues was put in a place where a democratic right to vote was implemented. A president by the name Frances Willard was made by women to abort the misconception that they were feeble, highly parasitic and could not get on their own. The turning point of the ideology of feminism was seen at the time when much of race-related concepts and ethnic niche were governed. The ancient feminism of equal rights had never been practiced. Women were given greater consideration in the field of employment, education capacities and even politics. Some other leaders in suffrages argued that the educational concept and the voting ideologies were not in contradictions to the movements interests provided that gender equality was upheld. One National American Women Association was created in 1890 to pull bodies of suffrage that had been formed after the civil war (Drehle 624). Establishing the new imperialism took place in the late 1890s and was taken to a broad projection at its definition. This ge is dated back in the final quarter of the 19th century as dominant European powers secured substantial parts of the world to themselves. American imperialism took considerable center stage in the North American continental parts. The Monroe Doctrine made people believe that America had taken hold of the northern hemisphere. America could not get to a compromise and let itself to be outdone in the fight for imperialism. Finally, America got to be the world power in the Spanish eyes with some accidental bombing afterwards. 270 deaths were experienced which sought for diplomacy but it was never there (Zinn 626). The two texts, "The White Man's Burden," and "New York Fire Kills 148 gives the political, cultural and economic values of Americans are clearly drawn out. The history matters of the US gives an experience of the Americans all over that time. The cultural values of the Americans with Indian origin had their faith in the norm that any kind of body pain had a good recommendation from God for healing. The availability of medicine men was also upheld with a critical responsibility of giving medication and food. The Indian culture in the American ground gave for the celebration of visitors celebration overnight events (Kipling 1). Land had a great consideration as a background of the economic sector with its main product in food being tuna .The energy source at this time was mainly firewood from the timber around them that is why they had to collect it all through their journey. In this very economy the practice of medicine men also played a major role in the provision of income. That is why their influence was felt at all levels. Many of the economic activities of this time 1911 faced a lot of challenges. One most known challenge is the March, 26, 1911 which resulted to too many deaths. The society had good treatment of the fire out break at the time since the safety measure had bit improved. The hospital facilitation also shows that level of social care was up to task. Police forces at the fire site gave relevance of the political image with the government of that time. In political aspect .the police were of varied responsibilities since they were to keep calm at the same time be a rescue tool. People of the state of New York give note of fairness in judicial system since a transcript on the criminal trial against the factory was made. Investigative commission were also done to give measures of curbing such challenges as political vision (Murray 2) Buy custom Short History of America essay

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