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Setting a Home Network Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Setting a Home Network - Term Paper Example Besides the easy handling of the XP ICS, by the XP computer as the ICS host the other benefit is using the internet connection Firewall. 3. Choice of a network technology The commonly available choices are the Ethernet and wireless LANs. When using an Ethernet LAN its essential to have the network interface card, or the NIC that ought to be fitted in each computer and then run the cabling between the computers. Just in case you don’t find the idea of opening the computer to fit/or to install the network card good for you, then get yourself a USB adaptor to assist you. Considering the size of the network, you may also find it necessary to have a network hub or router to provide interconnection between the PCs on the LAN. Two PCs can get by using an RJ-45 crossover cable; three or more computers require a hub or a multi – speed hub (also called a switch). For high – speed internet connection, a high – speed router is a good option. If you decide to have a wi reless LAN as your choice, you may also need an NIC for each and every PC (although there are versions that use USB adaptors as well) the major advantage of home environments is that a wireless LAN eliminates the need for cabling. Although on the contrary wireless LANs tend to be slower, less robust and most likely more expensive than the traditional Ethernet LANs. Wireless LANs particularly do not live up to their stated working range and you may encounter factors such as your construction and design in your home, in addition to interference from other devices which affect the performance of your wireless LAN. You may also need to add an expensive Access point to be able to extend the range of the LAN and more so it may not be sufficient. What is essential here is that if you make a choice of going wireless route, then ensure that the store will refund your money if the LAN will proof not to be reliable in performance within the range specified. 4. Make a list of hardware needed Co me up with a list that outlines the hardware you need for each computer, without forgetting any cabling, and purchase them. If you find it a little dazzling to make an appropriate choice and the configurations, then consider purchasing a networking kit. This kind of kits contain all that is needed to set up a two or three Pc network. If it’s possible, then look up for hardware that contains the Windows XP logo that indicates its fully compatible with XP. 5. Install the adaptors. Make an installation of the network adaptors and also install your modem on the ICS host computer(you may also let the computers connect to the internet independently by installing modems on each one of them) 6. Cable the computers Physically cable the computers and hubs or routers together, as usual you may not need to undertake this if you have decided to use the wireless option. When installing an Ethernet network and you have a lot of cabling work to be done then its preferable that you get a prof essional to come in and do this kind of work for you. It may not be cheap but to ensure that the work is perfectly done with minimal damage done to the walls, ceilings and the floors. 7. Switch it on Power all computers, printers and other peripherals. 8. Connect the ICS host Get to the ICS host computer and ensure it’s connected to the internet. 9. Run the network setup Wizard on

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