Thursday, October 31, 2019

Thomas Jefferson Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Thomas Jefferson - Essay Example In his opinion, Alexander was different from his peers and would relieve the people from oppression. Jefferson believed that the monarchy system was a flawed system, but also understood that not all societies had reached the level required to sustain a republic. He had a great admiration for Tsar Alexander and even wrote to him constantly to commend him for his good character. He believed that Alexander was an enlightened monarch who would alleviate the suffering of his people. He even asked Alexander to mediate the ongoing dispute between the United States and Britain. The author of the ‘Three Emperors’ feels that it is because of this admiration for Alexander that Jefferson accepted the gift. In the parlor, President Jefferson placed the bust opposite the bust of Napoleon to show that the two were totally different. The author of this book feels that these two rulers were not different from each other, but just had different ways of doing the same thing. The author feels that the distinction should have been Jefferson and the European rulers. Jefferson was concerned with access to land and the international trade for the state to flourish. The author states that Jefferson was pragmatic in the means he used to achieve the success of his people, although he was guided by clear ideological visions. Jefferson used statecraft means to achieve his goals of protecting the interests of the people of America from a world that he believed was hostile. Jefferson’s way of leadership showed that he belonged to the idealist school of thought that believes that the policies that determine action in America, should be based on moral principles. Jefferson was able to achieve his long-term diplomatic success by using moral principles and a righteous tone. He envisioned a world where disputes between nations were resolved amicably without resulting in war. He used different means to attain whatever he wanted, but the results were consistent. I would hold

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