Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Celie and Shugs first physical encounter Essay Example

Celie and Shugs first physical encounter Essay Example Celie and Shugs first physical encounter Paper Celie and Shugs first physical encounter Paper In the following letter Shug approaches Celie and says that she must leave. Celie is devastated by this, and is shown by the following quote, I dont say nothing. Feel like I felt when Nettie left. This extract highlights the growing feelings Celie has for Shug. Celie now begins to see Shug as a close personal friend; Nettie was the only female Celie had a close relationship with; Shug has now taken this role. The first section of the letter on pages 68-70 conveys Celies jealousy towards the relationship between Shug and Albert. The first sentence shows that Celie is still upset that Shug is leaving; Celie then turns this sadness into anger through realising that Shug is sleeping with Albert. Now we all know she going sometime soon, they sleep together at night. The two diverse issues mentioned show that Celie is confused and does not know what to think of Shug. The alliteration of sometime soon and also the consonance on the s sound create a feeling of pace and rhythm, this conveys that Celie is willing to move onto another subject as the current one brings much sadness. The second part of the sentence shows Celies hatred, the consonance on the t and its plosive edge portrays Celies anger and frustration on the matter. This part of the sentence is also monosyllabic except for the word together, as this word contains three syllables we get the feeling that Celie is running this word over in her mind and picturing the relationship between Shug and Albert. As the rest of the section is monosyllabic it shows Celie does not wish to elaborate and so is shocked at the actions of Shug. In the next sentence there is more of a realisation from Celie that Shug and Albert sleep together frequently. Not every night, but almost every night This strong, mid-line pause creates this understanding. In the following paragraph Celie becomes frustrated at Alberts treatment of women as mere objects, And just to look at her. The sentence begins with the conjunction and; this represents negative thoughts and anger from Celie over Alberts lack of consideration for Shugs personality. The use of the pronoun her shows that Celie has little respect for Shug at this present moment. Celie may be confused as to why Shug has a relationship with Albert when Celie knows that she respects Shug as a person as well as taking into account her good looks. The quote is monosyllabic and conveys that Celie does not wish to waste her breath over something she has seen many times before. Celie is depicting Albert as a stereotypical male. The feeling that Shug enjoys her relationship with Albert is shown through a number of sentences. do you mind if Albert sleep with me? The wording of this extract builds up a feeling that Albert is very much in control of Shug; Albert sleeps with Shug, Shug does not sleep with Albert. Shug then openly declares to Celie that she enjoys sleeping with Albert, I just love it. Additionally, Shug states that she still has a passion for Albert. It becomes clear that Shug still loves Albert even though she sees him as a bully as well as weak and many other negative statements. Celie seems to have latched on to the fact that Shug still loves Albert; this factor increases Celies jealousy and hatred towards Albert, and possibly Shug. You still love him, I ast. The lack of a question mark signifies the quote as imperative. Celie is not asking but simply stating, in an aggressive manner, that Shug loves Albert. The use of the pronoun him conveys that Celie still has little or no respect for Albert. Monosyllabic words are used to create a short and sharp sounding sentence to reflect Celies anger and frustration. Celie is most likely confused as to why Shug is sleeping with a man who is violent towards women.

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