Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Darkness Is Rising

The tidings I read was titled Dark Is rising slope and it was writ cristal by Susan Cooper. This book took place in a country town. This town was a small town with a lot of farming. It had big open plains full of corn, wheat and many a(prenominal) edible plants. This accounting also took place in the present. The briny character was a twelve year-old boy named willing Staton. will lives on a farm with a big family of brothers and sisters. go unwrap is the youngest in his family and loves them all of them a lot.         

        The main plot of the story is about Will Staton finding out he is an gray-headed One and defeating the darkness or in other language evil. The Old Ones are a group of people who chip in there lives to defeating the darkness. In this book it tells about ten polaritys that go for powers like an iron medallion or a reach necklace that has a wooden coin on the end of it, but if the Darkness got a hold of every single sign the world would come to an end. So Will is set on a journey to try to stop Darkness forever. Will was faced with many hard decisions and hard problems. If Will do one small mistake the world could be baffled forever.

        The Main issue was resolved by bringing the ten signs together but in fact the signs were still not enough to stop Darkness forever but further to hold Darkness back for a short occlusion of time. To find out what happens conterminous you would have to read the next book in the series. I think they made a smart decision to pose a sequel. They made a sequel because then kids will demand to find out what happens and so...

Good sample, but the sentences are a bit too short. puree using compound and complex sentences - they ease the flow of the text.

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ok first off up way to short I would have desire to see a bit more descripitive detail in your account. Apart from that overall Good effort, keep up the dandy writing can only improve

I loved that book and i agree with you when you say that Susan Cooper is a good author. easily written essay

hm..i think that your synopsis of the book can be longer, for it doesnt tell enough of the book to actually make you motivation to read it. other than that, good job!

good for seventh grade. A small suggestion, take out the words: like, things, a lot, and intesifiers (extremely..etc.) It would make your writing look a lot cleaner. You should have tell the paragraph about the author in the middle of the essay because once one gets to that, they want to read about the book still, and the author paragraph wont hold attention. Good Job.

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