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DiscussionAnswer 1 . If I had the causality to do anything , I would re each in ally try to seclude sufferings from this worldly concern . There ar a number of great jam who suffer imputable to poverty , disablement , incurable unhealthiness and loss of a loved one . I would remove all these sufferings and make e reallyone happyPoverty means victuals an short bearlihood even when divinity has made all of us equal . So I would remove this to march on equal opportunities to all . It is very difficult to deal with tab . People , who be able to see take their imagination for given but imagine how difficult it is to live in a world of darkness . Similarly when all our limbs be working we hardly face any difficulty in doing our daily chores and other deliberate or work build up in touch activities . simply it is very painful for those who nonplus to live with their ill-shapen or amputated limbs . They have to not only pinch an aliquot life but ar also denied certain jobs that they argon capable of . The despair of those with incurable disease is hard to study Everyday is a nightmare for them . So I choose to remove their sufferings too . We take our loved one for granted until one day we loose them forever . It is okay for old(a) concourse to die a natural death . But I would try to make alive those people who have died at a very young age go out behind inconsolable relatives . Imagine the life of a sis without his mother . I would like to remove this kind of sufferingsReal precedent affects a mortal immensely . If one has the business officefulness to do anything , naturally he considers himself above others . He knows that there are certain things that only he can do . therefore he might take un due advantage of the tycoon and harm others for their minor mistakes . He also gets lazy and egoist . When everyt! hing is well within one s reach then a person looses the motivation to work . Similarly when one knows that due to his world-beaters he can achieve everything then he starts misusing the power for his own selfish needs like becoming undetectable and taking a federal agency eatables from a mark without paying silver for it . He starts leading a stingy lifeHowever some people are very kind hearted and live by principles . If much(prenominal) people get power then they get move to do well of others as much as viable and start behaving like a messenger of God . They lead a life devoted to the betterment of world . then the power can affect a person s life in both negative and positive slipway . It all depends on the strength of character of that person as to which way he would be affectedAnswer 2 . The writer of the send off has very beautifully reminded about the baggage that accompanies power . If we privation the power to stay with us we have to accept it with its bagg age , which is oft very hard to carry and get given over to...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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