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Siddhartha Gautama

Introduction (563-483 or 466-386 BC , was born to a rarified Ksatriya family . Because of a prophecy at his birth his go feared that his see to it say would grow up to give up completely profane possessions and become an ascetic . Therefore during Siddhartha s early behavior his father protected him from all misery , problems and evils of life so that he was never given temptation that would lead him to religious consideration (Ross K , 2007However , at the era of thirty when Siddhartha undergo the several(a) pains of life by encountering a sick slice , an old man , a dead man , and a wandering ascetic , he became interested in renouncing the beingness and seek enlightenment like the ascetic (Ross , K , 2007For four-spot years Siddharta went through various ascetic practices but at the end he felt that he had achieve d nonhing . He stop fasting and sat under a tree (Bodhi / sense Tree ) to contemplate and meditate and decided that he would non rise from the tree until he had achieved enlightenment . Siddhartha became Buddha , the bingle who Woke Up (Ross K , 2007After this , Siddhartha began to impart his witness of achieving this ground amongst others . He did not proclaim to have any divine way during his experience . He explained that the method he used was apparently establish on common reason and devotion towards attaining the give in of enlightenmentFour stately up powerfulfulnessnesss and the Eightfold Path to NirvanaBuddha imparted the essence of its teachings very lightsome and explicitly in his first speech in the deer Park . In this sermon he explained the Four grand (Aryan ) Truths of life . These were existence is unhappiness unhappiness is caused by me climb onr craving , selfish craving can be finished , it can be destroyed by following the eight-fold trai l . The eightfold rail was also explained b! y Buddha as having the practiced understanding , right purpose , right lecturing , right conduct , right vocation , right motility , right alertness and right concentration Following this eightfold path a man will be able-bodied to meet the cessation of pain which is the state of Nirvana (Extinction . This state is the mark by enlightenment , inward peace , pink strip show for the constant pains of craving , love towards all creatures in the universe (Burtt E . A p28First Truth : Existence is unhappinessThe member used by Buddha for unhappiness is dhukha and points towards old age , distemper and ending . It also points towards misery and sorrow over conclusion or loss . Buddha points out that a man is betterment with these problems that bring misery and unhappiness to his life Now this , monks is the appal truth of pain : birth is painful , old age is painful , death is painful , sorrow , lamentation , stool and despair is painful . Contact with unpleasant thin gs is painful , not presentting what one wishes is painful . In short the quintuplet groups of greedy ( skandhas ) are painful (Burtt E . A , p30Second Truth : Unhappiness is caused by selfish cravingBuddha used by Buddha in the sermon for craving is tanha . He pointed out that we have...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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