Tuesday, May 14, 2019

FIJI WATER HARVARD CASE ANALYSES ON CSR Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

FIJI WATER HARVARD CASE ANALYSES ON CSR - Essay slipTwo of the main issues that the company was facing were objections about the carbon footprint and the usage of more aught to distribute jammed pee to required locations. In response to these issues, the company launched a carbon nix campaign claiming that its bottled piss has no carbon footprint. However, with all the efforts towards ensuring people that the company adheres to the principles of corporeal citizenship about the corporal social responsibility of the company, the critics are still raising concerns about the way the company operates its business activities.Bottled water companies imply that their water is clean as compared to tap water (Ruby). However, in this case study, the CSR issue is that packed water not only produces harm to the environment but also requires a lot of nada for production and transportation. The conservationists and environmentalists are continuously raising voice against the production and distribution of packed water because they judge that tapped water has very less amount of carbon footprint as compared to packed water. As Arndt states, superstar of the biggest arguments to support the ban on bottled water is the damage being done to the environment by the flexible bottles (1). Moreover, they also think that the world is already facing fuel shortage and in such situation, victimisation energy on producing bottled water cannot be justified. Every company needs to resolve these environmental issues by taking appropriate actions in order to demonstrate its corporate social responsibility.The circumstances surrounding corporate social responsibility issues for Fiji packed Water Company include the concerns for green environment and the current water and fuel crises all over the world. The company was going very successful in right through its start until 2008. However, from 2008, the downturn started for the company when people started raising concerns about the corporate social responsibility of

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