Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Marketing Strategies Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Marketing Strategies - Assignment ExampleHowever, by the yr 2006, Bervet Beer Company had managed to establish itself among the most popular beer companies operating in the African region (Smit, 2009). Company inlet The beer orders main headquarters are found to be primarily based in Lusaka, Zambia where they are hosted in a large firm. The firm has grown to establish a myriad of structures and facilities in versatile regions around the world. Bervet Beer Company has managed to set up operations in about seven distinct countries that are seen to mainly be concentrated in the northwestern. The Bervet Company currently owns three manufacturing facilities and an estimated more than cardinal five different sales locations. Bervet Beer Company is widely considered to be the largest beer play along operating in the northwest region of Africa. The companys product offering is seen to include a wide range of confused beer brands and services that help make it more attractive to the customers. The range of alcoholic drinks that are offered by the company are seen to include a number of beers, low content alcohol beer, wines as well as non-sugar beers. In addition to this, the company offers these drinks in a number of different sizes and packaging. The different sizes include useable bottles, tins, litter returnable bottles as well as plastic bottles. Some of the more popularly cognise brands offered by the company include Kiboko, Kegi and Chura. Bervet Beer Company has managed to establish a number of programs and foundations that help it provide champion in a number of beneficial services to the community. One of these services is seen to include the teaming up of the company with an NGO company called LGC with the set of providing various health services to the community. Bervet Beer Company is also keen to follow up on in a number of various corporate initiatives that help to empower both women and girls across the finished African region by providing them with sufficient economic support. Bervet Beer Company also helps provide water and various sanitation services to different people across Africa who might not be in a position that enables them to access the critical sanitation services and water. To further its overall growth agenda, Bervet Beer Company is cookery on targeting the European market. The companys European market segment is seen to include various players such(prenominal) as the private sector, retailers, individual customers, the government as well as wholesalers. One of key strategies that leave behind be employed by Bervet Beer Company to target customers in the European market will be for the company to have specific lines Europe. The company predicts that it will manage to achieve relatively very mettlesome sales figures due to the quality and large variety of beer product offering that is made by the company. some other key marketing strategy that will be employed by the company is that the company hop es to vindicated more outlets as well as reduce the price of its beer in the European region. In its marketing strategy, Bervet is currently targeting lodges, bars and big restaurants as possible outlets for its products. Bervet Beer Companys market plan is seen to aim to ensure that the company provides the best pricing, quantity and quality to its customers. If this plan is successfully executed, it will not only befit the

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